updated June 3, 2023


My dear friends, today again is the celebration of the mystery of all the mysteries of our faith.
The Most Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Three Persons in
one God. Equal and Undivided. The Mystery of the Trinity is above human reasoning. 
Whenever we try to think about God, to imagine what God is like, it is always a tug of war. God
is both Transcendent and Immanent.
Trinity is Tri + Unity that is Three united in one, three persons in one God. One substance, three
divine persons all working as one. From the Opening prayer of the mass today, the Most Holy
Trinity is defined as the powerful God, the Father of Creation, Christ who has come to
redeemed us, the Savoir of mankind, was incarnate, became man like us, suffered, died,
resurrected and sent us the Holy Spirit to continue the work of God the Father, God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit. We are all welcome into the life of the Holy Trinity when we are baptized in
the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Moreso, we are also
called today to live in Unity as the Trinity, because United we stand and divided we fall. Finally,
the celebration of today is not a mathematics to solve, but our relationship with God. How God
comes to us in all things, He became all things to all men for the sake of his love for us.